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Little Big Fanboyism 
30th-Oct-2008 02:28 pm
I was a bit curious about how the LittleBigPlanet scores all stacked up, so I went to metacritic. The game has reviewer rating of 95, which is impressive. What's not impressive is the 6.5 score from the users. Taking a look at the comments, you see a dirge of 10s, 9s... and 0s. So people either seem to love or hate this game? That seems possible, but a more likely scenario here is a massive dive-bomb attack from 360 fanboys.

Half of the 0s suggest getting a 360 instead. The other half are people complaining that you have to create levels for it to be fun. Reading some of the reviews, it seems that first number of levels are a bit boring, but that the later levels are pretty full of win. Any player with a short attention span would only see the first couple of levels and the learning curve required for the level editor, and declare the game crap. . . . Which is pretty much mirrors the comments exactly. I suspect foul play is involved here.
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