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Okay, okay, I've been TRYING to get around to a post for a while. Now… 
23rd-Nov-2008 11:49 pm
Okay, okay, I've been TRYING to get around to a post for a while. Now I'm ten minutes from "bedtime" and really don't know what it was I was GOING to talk about, but I doubt I'm ever going to get around to this thing again anytime soon.

The only thing currently on my mind is... I picked up Super Mario Galaxy the other day. Now, if you remember, Miyamoto has said that Mario Sunshine was too much like Mario 64 and that needed to change. I tend to disagree, Super Mario 64 was an excellent game and could definitely benefit from more of the same. Anyway, the only significant change that Galaxy makes to SM64 is, essentially, the level layout. Whereas 64 (and Sunshine) contained densely packed worlds where you could, quite literally, do almost anything and go almost anywhere at any time, Galaxy instead opts for a series of obstacle courses connected to the star you are currently seeking. The result feels much more like a regression than a progression. This is, essentially, Super Mario World in 3D. But then, there's really only ONE path, not the "sometimes two, sometimes three" that gave SMW its level splitting. No, I suppose this is really a detraction all the way back to Super Mario Bros 3. There are occasional (two) secrets, so we'll leave it at SMB3.

The main problem is the complete disconnect. Instead of one large, contiguous world, the levels are actually composed of many small, singularly purposed islands, which means you're pretty much only going to be doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing. No randomly pursuing another star.

Also, they've taken out the 100-coin star. This is made all the more perplexing when you consider the fact that they've added in a secondary form of currency -- one that is much more plentiful and counts just as much towards extra lives as does the coins. So, the only real point of coins in this game is to restore health...Which they have also gimped down to three bars, meaning you need less than half the amount of coins in the first place.

Galaxy does introduce some neat new things. The bee suit is pretty fun and the fire suit WOULD be if it wasn't...suddenly...a timed-powerup. Since when can I not stay as fire?

Aye, well, all-in-all, this game made me pine for Super Mario 64 so much that I went and got the virtual console version.

I'm making this a separate post from whatever else I was going to say since it basically just turned into a review. Bah. How unfortunate.

Maybe I'll update during work again. Oh, heh, the last time I did it was on my Hyper Dimension journal, which few of you even know exists. Haha.
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