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Huppitty Duppitty, It's Thanksgiving 
27th-Nov-2008 07:15 pm
I would have to say that today was unequivocally the most interesting Thanksgiving I've ever had. Mainly because it entailed going to two foreign Thanksgiving dinners.

The first dinner I went to today was really a Thanksgiving lunch. This was, of all things, my roommate's fiance's Aunt's family's dinner, to be rather Dark Helmet with you. It was fun, though, and they were very welcoming, despite not actually being a part of my family. =P I thought one of the girls there was cute, but her being 17 makes me wonder if that's not a bit, er, wrong. Then again, a lot of people think I LOOK 17, so...

I then had Thanksgiving dinner at my roommate's parent's place. I'm already familiar with Mike's family, so I was immediately comfortable there. His mom made the comment that I wasn't allowed to sit at the table, which was later rescinded once more chairs were brought out. I was unable to figure out if she was just joking, or if the uneasiness I felt from the remark wasn't misplaced. In either case, I made the room for another grand meal in what little of a stomach I have. After dinner, Mike's (step?) brother went on for an hour or so about some kind of "stick it to the man" Objectivist political rallying. I felt his argument about Libertarians having no "philosophy" was a bit rash. I could, perhaps, talk about politics, and the ensuing recession, for some time, but given my new blood status in the work world, I'd much rather really just concentrate on KEEPING a job than trying to further some kind of ulterior agenda or worrying about a depression.

It started snowing (I love snow, btw) and Mike was eager to beat it home in his weather-sensitive Mustang, so his mom packed up a couple of beefy slices of pumpkin pie to take with us.

I'm sure the intense day of social interaction and runabouts hit Mike and Morgan hard, but it may have been just what I needed for my bout of house arrest and restlessness. One can only hope.
28th-Nov-2008 07:49 pm (UTC)
It was a mostly invigorating day, but I'm all good for social events for now.

I would suggest that you aren't as libertarian as you think you are, which my brother did. Don't be sensitive about them until you're SURE you like them :P
6th-Dec-2008 01:52 pm (UTC)
I love you.
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